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Flexible, Family-Driven Treatment at Stetson School

The Stetson School child-centered treatment model recognizes and treats each young man as a whole person. We understand the full impact of childhood experiences. We work with each child and his family to develop an individualized program within a safe and beautiful setting on 220 acres in Massachusetts.

  • ACORN Treatment and Rehabilitation helps our youth create “new” selves by forming healthy and secure attachments to others, overcoming childhood adversity and traumatic experiences, building social competency and special skills, and developing self-regulation and behavioral control.
  • 40-Week Core Foundation focuses on the completion of concrete elements of treatment, each of which serves as the building block for treatment beyond the foundation period in the least restrictive and most appropriate treatment setting.
  • Systemic Training in the Recovery from Trauma (START) is based on an understanding of the pervasive effect of trauma on individuals, and incorporates interventions that support youth in overcoming trauma and adversity.
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is provided by certified Stetson School clinicians and incorporates trauma-sensitive interventions for both children and families.
  • 122-Day Focused and Successful Treatment Track (FAST) is designed for those youth who have low to moderate risk for ongoing problematic sexual behavior, and includes plans for after-care treatment.
  • Adolescent Behavior Disorder Treatment supports the development for social and emotional connections for high-risk youth, ages 12-18, who have displayed high risk behaviors.
  • Pre-Teen Sexually Reactive Program is a child-and-family-centered program for youth, ages 9-13, who have presented problem sexual behavior.
  • Adolescent Sexually Problematic is a highly specialized and structured treatment environment for youth, ages 13-22, who have displayed problem sexual behavior.
  • Adolescent Alternative Learning Program (ALPS) is a specialized and structured treatment environment tailored to the individual learning and developmental needs of youth, ages 13-22, who have problematic sexual behavior as well as below-average IQs.