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What is AT?

The definition of Assistive Technology (AT) is changing. “Today people with ID are using and benefiting from mainstream technologies, including mobile technology such as smart phones and tablet devices as well as universally designed technologies, that may have specific applications (“apps”) for use by people with ID.” (Report to the President: Leveling the Playing Field: Improving Technology Access and Design for People with Intellectual Disabilities.)

The 2015 Report to the President from the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities offers a new definition for AT as: The use of advances in science to support people and society, to reduce barriers, and to make the everyday world more accessibility.

Seven Hills is committed to enhancing the education, communication, recreation, and social opportunities of individuals we support. This work is enhanced by our increasing ability to provide access to Assistive Technology (AT) through secured funding from private and corporate grants, individuals and through the generosity of our funding partners. In December, Seven Hills was fortunate to have Jean Des Roches join our team as Assistive Technology Program Director, who is leading this important initiative.

Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient

Seven Hills Community Services is a proud recipient of a Cummings Foundation "$100K for 100" Grant to build sustainable assistive technology support systems in the areas of staff training, assessment, and outcomes measurement, helping to increase the independence and self-sufficiency of 170 residents of its homes for people with significant disabilities.

Seven Hills has set the standard for providing dignified, beautiful community residences, customized to each individual's needs. Seven Hills' choices of residential options for adults with disabilities ensures optimum independence and opportunity. Call today or click on the Programs links on the right to find an option that fits your needs. Richard G. Neckes, VP Seven Hills Community Services

AT Tips and Tools from Jean

"My name is Jean Des Roches, I am the Assistive Technology (AT) Assistant Vice President for Seven Hills Foundation. I invite you to access helpful tips, tools, information and resources as I share them on my Blog weekly."

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