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Seven Hills Foundation

Supportive Technology to Enhance Functional Independence

In our decades of work supporting individuals with significant life challenges through a variety of day services, supported employment, family support programs, residential options, individual supports, and more, Seven Hills Foundation’s philosophy is to promote achievement of personally meaningful goals and skills through supported participation in home and community activities. All supports at Seven Hills build on people’s abilities rather than focusing on disabilities and assists individuals in enjoying a quality of life they did not think possible.

Recognizing the transformational impact that assistive technology plays in this work, Seven Hills Foundation has been at the forefront of incorporating Assistive Technology (AT) into the culture of our work and laying the groundwork to become the premier resource in the state for best practices in AT and related technologies.

Assistive-Technology-AT-servicesThe Seven Hills Assistive Technology Department has cultivated community relationships and partnerships with universities and schools, local AT Consortiums as well as technology vendors. They have developed pilot programs featuring Smart Home Technologies and Virtual Reality. They have developed AT curricula that is a required training for all new employees, and they have created AT supports such as the AT Super User Groups where staff across affiliates can come together to share best practices in AT. In their work providing AT evaluations and support to individuals supported throughout Seven Hills Foundation & Affiliates and staff who support them, the AT program has helped individuals supported increase their functional independence and quality of life outcomes. A robust technology bank of loaner low-tech and high-tech equipment is available to staff and individuals supported as they are supported to identify and access appropriate supportive technology. The AT Department provides training and technical assistance to staff and individuals served on the use of the equipment.