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Supporting Families as They Care for Their Children with Special Health Care Needs

PASS worker


In Rhode Island, Seven Hills provides Personal Assistance Services and Supports (PASS) that help families of children with special health care needs with daily life skills. The supports through PASS work to improve a child’s ability to participate in social situations and function in the community with dignity. The highly trained staff works with families and their children to develop home and community-based support systems with the goal of building self-determination and independence. Seven Hills also develops a PASS plan with each family to focus on personal care needs, safety, and social integration. PASS maximizes opportunities for each family to help their child succeed in the least restrictive and most natural setting. As children mature into adulthood, the skills developed through these services will help them take greater responsibility and control of their own lives.

Children who are eligible for PASS must be under the age of 21, live in Rhode Island, and be diagnosed with a chronic condition that is moderate to severe.

Seven HIlls provides comprehensive PASS services throughout Rhode Island. There is no cost for this service to families, however, the child must be eligible for Medicaid.

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Easing One Parent's Fears

As a parent, I have the fear that haunts all parents of disabled children: 'What will happen to them when I’m gone?' Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Seven Hills direct support PASS workers, the work they do with my son provides him with the structure, routine, stability, social and emotional support that he needs to learn new skills that will lead to a quality, independent life. Because of their dedication, he continues to make amazing gains in the areas of self-advocacy, socialization, and independent living skills, all areas that hold the answer to that stressful question, 'What will happen to him when I’m gone?'  For us, the answer will be, 'Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Seven Hills direct support PASS workers Jack, Henry, Benjamin and Michael, he is working to  master the skills he needs to live a life, without me, as independently as is possible, given his disability.'  Thank you to Seven Hills for all you have done, and continue to do, for my son and for our family.

With Sincere Thanks, Eve