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Open Door Arts increases access, participation, and representation of people with disabilities in the arts, strengthening our shared cultural community.

We believe our shared cultural community is strengthened when it represents, includes, and engages all people.  That’s why we work annually with hundreds of students, teaching artists, educators and leaders of cultural organizations through innovative and inclusive programming, training, events, and exhibits designed to improve access, expand participation, challenge the status quo, and share practices to ensure equitable representation of people with disabilities in the arts.

“Access to and participation in the arts are fundamental human rights that should be available to everyone. Engaging in the arts allows us to get in touch with the deepest places in our souls, express our most profound and complex thoughts and emotions, and explore the common humanity that unites us all.”  Nicole Agois Hurel, Managing Director.

Arts and Culture for All

Open Door Arts

School Programs

Open Door Arts’ School Programs partner teaching artists and classroom teachers to develop high quality and accessible arts learning experiences that promote inclusion, support students’ academic, social/emotional and artistic growth, and deepen engagement through drama, dance, visual arts, music, and media arts.

Open Door Galleries

In Boston and Worcester, our galleries showcase the work of emerging and established artists with disabilities to advance career opportunities, increase visibility and representation, and serve as platforms for the community to have important conversations about disability, identity, and culture.

Professional Development

Through our training and professional development, we coach educators, administrators, artists and staff from cultural organizations to become more inclusive practitioners, create universally-designed programming, and develop policies and practices that encourage meaningful inclusion and participation by people with disabilities.

Community Engagement

We curate conversations, events, and art-making experiences centered around the narratives of artists with disabilities to challenge assumptions, broaden perspectives, connect communities and celebrate our common humanity through the arts.

Nicole Agois Hurel
Managing Director
P: 617.420.5029
E: Nicole@OpenDoorArtsMA.org