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Seven Hills Foundation

Empowering and Educating Families on their Journeys in Support of Loved Ones with Disabilities

Seven Hills is the go-to source for families supporting a loved one with a disability. Our four Family Support Centers in Massachusetts act as a hub of information, resources, supportive services, parent training videos, and activities for individuals with disabilities, families, and the greater community. With an emphasis on providing person-centered and culturally and linguistically competent support services across the lifespan. Our Family Support Navigators provide a wide array of options to individuals with disabilities and their families that enable them to stay together and live in a nurturing environment, maintain relationships with families and loved ones, and be welcomed, contributing members in their home communities.

Family Support Centers

Each Family Support Center is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and incorporates its guiding principles, using the Charting the LifeCourse framework to provide the following service elements: Discovery and Navigation, Connecting and Networking, and Goods & Services.

Family Support Centers

At the Family Support Center locations, our additional expertise includes:​

Family Support Centers work collaboratively with other Seven Hills Family Services staff to assist families with a variety of other community-based supports:​

Family Support Navigators:

  • Recognize individuals and their families as the primary decision-makers, strengthening their natural capacities for leadership
  • Provide individualized and flexible supports that are responsive to each person’s needs, strength, and cultural values
  • Maximize community resources available in each person’s local community/neighborhood
  • Identify wrap-around supports such as counseling, housing, transportation, public benefits, social connections, and food.

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