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Seven Hills Foundation

Seven Hills Foundation and Affiliates

A Long History of Defining Dignity

Since 1953, Seven Hills Foundation has had a history of caring for people who have the ability to thrive when given the support, respect and dignity that all human beings deserve. The basic principle of serving others is the cornerstone of the foundation upon which Seven Hills is built.

Since a group of parents in Central Massachusetts came together to advocate for their children in 1953, the momentum of advocacy and social justice has grown exponentially. Seven Hills Foundation now stands as one of the most dynamic and comprehensive health and human services agencies in the country. With over 235 locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and eight countries abroad, Seven Hills is the premier provider of comprehensive supports for people with significant life challenges.

Seven Hills is leading the way in the development and delivery of a wide spectrum of clinical, educational and behavioral health services.

Models of behavioral health interventions focus on wellness and recovery, utilizing wrap-a-round models of Medication Assistive Therapies and Positive Behavioral Supports. Children and adults who need medically intensive interventions are supported with clinical expertise and compassion in the least restrictive environments, with care second to none. People with disabilities and other life challenges, like poverty or trauma, are given the educational supports and services they need to meet success head-on in pursuit of their dreams. Families are supported through an array of professional staff, trained to counsel, educate and empower, so that they are better prepared to weather life’s challenges. At all times, access to one’s own community of choice is supported and encouraged, enabling people to live valued and meaningful lives.

Seven Hills Foundation makes all this possible through the servant leadership of its 4,700 professional employees, who represent 58 different countries. The value of diversity and respect for each person's individuality is the fabric of the culture of Seven Hills.

Programs and services offered through the affiliates fall within three distinct areas of service

  • Child & Family Supports
    Child & Family Supports
  • Community Supports
    Community Supports
  • Clinical & Behavioral Health
    Clinical & Behavioral Health

Seven Hills Foundation is committed to the delivery of individualized supports directed by the people who choose to work with us to achieve their life’s dreams.

Their success is our Vision and getting them there is our Mission