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Seven Hills Foundation

Providing Specialized Counseling and Psychiatric Care for Individuals with Co-Occurring Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities

home based counseling

Seven Hills has a long history of providing integrated treatment for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (ID/DD) and co-occurring mental health/psychiatric conditions. Our Home-Based Counseling Program is operated by Seven Hills Behavioral Health.

Home-Based Counseling (HBC) is managed by a team of professionals who have extensive experience, including Physicians, Nurse Prescribers, and Master's and Doctoral-level clinicians. HBC is a specialized program that focuses on supporting individuals with co-occurring ID/DD and mental health disorders, many of whom also have complex medical needs. All of our professionals also have extensive experience providing individualized psychotherapy, behavioral consultation, and a full range of psychological and psychiatric services. Individuals may be referred to HBC for personal, home, school, or work-related challenges.

Typical counseling concerns often include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • grief-reaction
  • social-skills development
  • relationship formation and sexuality issues
  • problem-solving

The Seven Hills Home-Based Counseling Program seeks to overcome one of the primary obstacles to accessing services by providing extensive outreach from all of our mental health sites. We provide services in the individual’s home, school, day program, and other community settings in a confidential and respectful manner.