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Seven Hills Foundation

Celebrating Diversity

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We celebrate the many and multiple identities we bring to Seven Hills Foundation every day. By embracing the understanding that diverse teams are more innovative, adaptable, knowledgeable, and compassionate, our backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives enhance our ability to solve complex problems and meet the diverse needs of both staff and the communities we serve.

Our Commitment

Seven Hills is committed to the lifelong learning and processes of cultural competency and cultural humility. 


“To provide and encourage sharing and learning through promoting a culture of respect and developing a community of inclusion of all forms of diversity.”


"To be a model of progressive enlightenment which nurtures, dignifies, and values individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, while promoting an inclusive and respectful work environment."

Our Initiatives

DEIB Council- The Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Council welcomes staff from all backgrounds, roles, skills, and abilities who gather in an intentional space to dialogue, celebrate, and ultimately brainstorm to actualize more equitable practice, policy, and procedure for Seven Hills Foundation and Affiliates. Seven Hills is in the process of establishing Proposed Employee Resource Groups and Affinity spaces. We believe that "Strength Grows from Diversity." Our employees come to Seven Hills from 58 different countries and bring a richness of diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences, which embodies the culture of acceptance that drives Seven Hills' mission and vision.

Please Contact Jacob Kelley to connect or propose an Employee Resource Group.

Jacob Kelley (He/Him)
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
81 Hope Avenue Worcester, MA 01603