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Seven Hills Foundation

Supporting children and adults who are on the autism spectrum, and/or have disabilities, and other life challenges

In 2022, Seven Hills New Hampshire was created as the home of Crotched Mountain School & Village to serve children and adults with disabilities and life challenges in a spectrum of therapeutic educational and clinical modalities that encourage each person’s highest possible degree of personal well-being and independence.

Crotched Mountain School (CMS) hosts innovative special education, recreation, arts, music, and vocational programming for students, aged 5-21, who are on the autism spectrum, and/or have disabilities and other challenges that are better supported in an alternative, least-restrictive environment to their local public school system. Students have the option to live year-round in the appointed residences on the sprawling campus located in Greenfield, New Hampshire. Situated on thousands of acres of preserved habitat, CMS offers a therapeutic environment in which students are encouraged to explore and thrive. 

Seven Hills New Hampshire plans to expand its program models to support youth and adults with a variety of needs through Crotched Mountain Village, serving transition-age students and adults in community-based supports.

Seven Hills New Hampshire Programs