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Seven Hills Foundation

Seven Hills Foundation has added its newest Affiliate organization, Seven Hills New Hampshire.

Now operating in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and eight developing nations, Seven Hills is providing high-quality, vital services to well over 60,000 children, adults, and seniors we are privileged to support.
The expansion to New Hampshire was promoted by the request by the State of New Hampshire to assume the operations of the Crotched Mountain School in Greenfield New Hampshire. Previous owners, Legacy by Gersh, had announced on Oct. 17 that Crotched Mountain School would be closing its doors on Nov. 18 unless a buyer could be found.  On November 18th, Seven Hills assumed control of the campus and school to the relief of families and students across New Hampshire and several states that support students at Crotched Mountain School.
Dr. David A. Jordan, who has been President of Seven Hills Foundation for the past 28 years, previously served as the president of the Crotched Mountain Foundation from 1985-1995.

“This will be a bit of a homecoming for me because I dedicated a significant part of my professional career to making this school one of excellence,” Dr. Jordan said in announcing the agreement. “I look forward to creating a new and promising future for Crotched Mountain School.”


Established in 1953, Crotched Mountain School has a national reputation as one of New England’s most iconic schools for children and young adults ages 4-21 with disabilities, as both a day school and residential program. It has had a long and distinguished tradition of service to students with highly complex needs throughout New England. The transaction includes the 125-acre Crotched Mountain School campus and all its facilities.

Seven Hills New Hampshire will look to expand its program models at the campus to support other children, youth, and adults in with a variety of needs, drawing on the expertise of operations in other affiliates.



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