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Seven Hills Foundation

Customized Community-Based Residential Supports

In more than 50 communities throughout Massachusetts, individuals with disabilities live in a variety of residential arrangements supported through Seven Hills Community Services. At Seven Hills, our goal is to provide each individual with a comfortable, safe, and beautiful home, while keeping them closely connected to family members, friends, and their community.

We achieve this goal with the help of our well-trained professional staff who partner with each person, supportive family members or guardians, and other important people in their lives. Our Community Services staff is complemented with a full team of integrated clinical specialists. Seven Hills coordinates its care approach with a Director of Health Services and a highly qualified team of nurses. The Director of Clinical Services, a licensed psychologist, and a doctoral-level BCBA lead a team of clinicians and behaviorists who specialize in Functional Behavioral Assessment and the development of Behavior Plans that teach people to communicate more effectively. Psychologists and BCBA-credentialed staff provide expertise to those individuals who need support through our organization-wide philosophy of Positive Behavioral Supports.

At Seven Hills, we work collaboratively to ensure safety, quality, autonomy, and respect in each living arrangement. Through community-based supports, Seven Hills strives to increase each person’s control and independence. A person-centered approach provides the highest quality of life for each individual. Seven Hills is dedicated to the core values of:

  • Encouraging Independence
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Respecting and Celebrating Each Individual’s Talents and Contributions
  • Supporting Choice
  • Building Community
  • Defining Dignity


Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient

Seven Hills Community Services is a proud recipient of a Cummings Foundation "$100K for 100" Grant to build sustainable assistive technology support systems in the areas of staff training, assessment, and outcomes measurement, helping to increase the independence and self-sufficiency of 170 residents of its homes for people with significant disabilities.

Seven Hills has set the standard for providing dignified, beautiful community residences, customized to each individual's needs. Seven Hills' choices of residential options for adults with disabilities ensures optimum independence and opportunity. Call today or click on the Programs links on the right to find an option that fits your needs.

Sharon Goldberg
Vice President
P: 508.983.1336
E: sgoldberg@sevenhills.org