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Clinical & Behavioral Health

Personalized, Evidence-Based, Integrated Care for Adults

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Seven Hills is committed to providing integrated clinical care that allows people to pursue a path of recovery. Through evidence-based, individualized services, Seven Hills provides expertise in the areas of addiction, mental health, brain injury, HIV/AIDS, dental and physical health. Our services and supports are all led by highly qualified teams of doctors, nurses, clinicians, and therapists who are all committed to providing dignified, culturally competent care.

  • HIV / AIDS / Hepatitis C & STI Services

    HIV / AIDS / Hepatitis C & STI Services

    Culturally competent HIV/AIDS and STI services and resources in Southeastern Massachusettts

  • Home-Based Counseling

    Home-Based Counseling

    Home-Based Counseling at home and in the community

  • NeuroCare - Brain Injury Supports

    NeuroCare - Brain Injury Supports

    Seven Hills Brain Injury Supports remediates the life-changing effects of injuries to the brain and helps restore lives

  • Psychiatric Day Treatment

    Psychiatric Day Treatment

    Clinical rehabilitation for adults with chronic mental health conditions and co-occurring disorders

  • Seven Hills Dental Facilities

    Seven Hills Dental Facilities

    Comprehensive dental services specializing in patients with disabilities


"Seven Hills has helped transform my life from the clutches of addiction and depression, to one of sobriety and peace. If it wasn't for their belief in me, I would be in a much different and scary place." –Amelia

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