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Seven Hills Foundation

Seven Hills Supports over 120 Group Residential Homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Seven Hills is defining Dignity by supporting over 120 group residential homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our homes are designed to offer each person the maximum level of independence while ensuring that they are living safe, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Seven Hills has set the standard in the provision of beautiful and accessible community residences. We offer comprehensive residential service options for adults with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, and complex medical and/or behavioral challenges. Our residential team is an integral part of the full spectrum of supports, affording each individual the access to an effective and highly coordinated system of care. It is our goal to provide each individual with a comfortable, safe home, keeping them closely connected to family members, friends and their community. We achieve this goal with the help of a well-trained and professional staff who partner with family members, guardians and other providers to fulfill the dreams of each individual. Seven Hills coordinates an integrated approach with the Director of Clinical Services, a licensed psychologist, and doctoral-level BCBA and a Director of Health Services and their highly qualified team of licensed practitioners.

Using person-centered principles, Seven Hills works with each individual to achieve his or her fullest potential by:

  • Encouraging community membership through personal interests and beliefs.
  • Supporting continued development of skills and abilities.
  • Respecting and celebrating the individual’s culture, talents and contributions.
  • Supporting them to achieve increased autonomy.
  • Helping to foster important, lifelong friendships.
  • Assisting them to experience both the pleasures and responsibilities of daily life.

Specialized Residential Services offered by Seven Hills:

  • Medically Intensive Supports
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Supports
  • Brain Injury (ABI/TBI) Supports
  • Behaviorally Intensive Supports

If you know an adult with a disability who could benefit from the adult residential program at Seven Hills, call today!