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The Caring ForceHere at Seven Hills, we strongly encourage everyone to be advocates on behalf of the people we support as well as our hardworking, dedicated employees. Very simply, advocacy is about educating and influencing those who make policy and budget decisions. That is why we remain in regular contact with legislators at both the state and federal levels and with the state administrations of both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Everyone associated with Seven Hills Foundation in Massachusetts is encouraged to join The Caring Force. The mission of The Caring Force is to empower those who care about the human services sector to advance an agenda that creates an environment in Massachusetts that protects our most vulnerable neighbors and creates a stronger economy with the pay, recognition, and respect our workers deserve. To be successful, the Caring Force needs individuals, parents, guardians, directors, trustees, employees—everyone to join and get involved.

Together, we can help make our goal a reality. Help by advocating for the Providers’ Council’s 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda, which includes the following bills:

  • An act relative to fair pay for comparable work
  • An act relative to affordable health insurance group purchasing for human service providers
  • An act establishing a loan repayment program for direct care human service worker
  • An act relative to exempting human services organizations from making EMAC Supplemental payments

To find the clomplete 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda click here.
We have quite a bit to accomplish this session, but with all of your help I’m sure we can make a difference!

Advocacy Resources:

The Caring Force

ADDP - Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers

Providers' Council

PPAL - Parent/Professional Advocacy League

Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps)

For more information on Advocacy, contact:

William Stock
Vice President for Government and Community Relations