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Seven Hills Launches Upward Health

Upward Health, a home-based medical group specializing in primary medical and behavioral care for individuals with complex needs is a valued partner of Seven Hills Foundation, helping to support individuals with high needs in their homes.
Our staff share the importance of this partnership to their work below: 

Seven Hills Staff Discuss the Benefits of Upward Health

Staff Member Praises Benefits of Upward Health

Cheryl Green, Area Director, Seven Hills Foundation, expresses her gratitude for Upward Health services for the individuals supported in her program. Enabling them to avoid stressful emergency room or doctor's office visits by using their telehealth and home visit services.

Benefits of Upward Health Services

Julianne Vargas, Residence Director, Seven Hills Community Services, discusses the benefits of Upward Health's telehealth services for a supported individual with anxiety.

Upward Health’s In-home Care Benefits Patients and Residence Staff

Shannon Lally, Residence Director for Seven Hills Community Services, is no stranger to the frustration and anxieties often associated with a visit to the emergency room—especially for individuals with disabilities and complex medical diagnoses. 

Contact Us For More Information

If you have any questions, please reach out to us by phone at 617.644.7628 or email at info@upwardhealth.com.