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Specialized Clinical, Behavioral and Psychological Services that Promote Wellness

At Stetson School, each child is provided with an individualized treatment plan that responds to his strengths and areas of need. Stetson School incorporates an integrated model of care that includes psychoeducation, cognitive-behavior therapy and relationship-based psychodynamic therapy. Stetson School offers a full array of supports by trained and licensed clinicians including:

Psychosocial/Psychosexual Assessment

Upon admission, all youth receive a detailed and individual comprehensive assessment of strengths and needs, which includes a detailed developmental, social, and family history, and a review of the life experiences and challenges, including adverse and traumatic childhood experiences that each youth may have experienced in his development and that can help explain current circumstances. As part of the initial comprehensive psychosocial assessment, all youth receive an assessment of risk for continued behavioral problems, and risk is re-evaluated periodically throughout treatment, at six month (or more) intervals, including risk for both continued problem or abusive sexual behavior and risk for continued non-sexual behavioral difficulty.

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Plans

The Stetson School psychology department provides functional behavioral analysis (FBA) and functional behavioral planning for youth whose level of functioning requires detailed behavioral analysis and planning. Our individualized behavior plans and services support youth to increase pro-social behaviors, functional life and social skills; generalize or transfer behavior from one situation to another; restrict or narrow conditions under which interfering behaviors occur; and reduce interfering behaviors.

Therapy - Individual, Group and Family

Masters-level and doctoral-level clinicians provide each youth with weekly individual therapy. Stetson School recognizes the importance of family, and believes that effective therapy for youth involves building strong, positive relationships. Family therapy is aimed at helping families become more connected and more engaging in their communication. Group therapy includes cognitive-behavioral, psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic “process” groups that focus on important learning tasks. Groups such as healthy sexuality, safe behavior and relapse prevention, victim awareness, and essential tools and concepts of treatment are provided.

Victim Clarification

The victim clarification process brings together family members or others in the community who may have been directly or indirectly affected by the abusive behavior. This therapeutic process allows for making emotional amends and apologies as well as careful and sensitive family reunification when appropriate.

Case Management

Case managers actively oversee and coordinate care for each youth, serving as a primary liaison between Stetson School, families, and other partners.


Stetson School provides family psychoeducation for all parents. Psychoeducation teaches instructions, information, and methods involving psychological and psychosocial concepts in an educational format that utilizes a counseling approach. Family psychoeducation educates parents and other family members about the treatment youth receive at Stetson School.
Stetson School case managers provide psychoeducation to the family of each youth, most typically involving the parents and/or legal guardians, although other family members may also be involved. Psychoeducation is offered to all eligible families, and families are encouraged to participate in the psychoeducational process, and every opportunity to do so is made available to families.

Psychopharmacology and Psychological Testing

Our Board-Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist oversees all psychiatric evaluations and psychopharmacology at Stetson School. Stetson School has access to psychiatric emergency services on a 24-hour basis.