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Career Paths

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Life offers so many choices, and for those who choose to work in the Human Services field, Seven Hills offers a variety of ways to not only support individuals and families to meet their life challenges, but enables employees to grow in their professional careers. Whether providing clinical support as a nurse, clinician or behaviorist, or building life skills as an educator, our staff can find support and opportunity here at Seven Hills.

Seven Hills currently offers four different career paths as well as a range of opportunities for direct support professionals. Each path highlights the education and skills required, licensure available, and if appropriate, the positions that are available across the agency associated with the level of education and experience. Seven Hills also provides tuition assistance on a reimbursement basis to support employees with their career goals.

Career Paths at Seven Hills:

Education – Early Childhood/Special Education
Direct Support Professional

Staff Spotlight

Career Pathways Spotlight

Kwabena Tweneboa, Residence Director
“Brighten the corner where you are, and live a life that has an impact on others.” This much loved proverb in his native Ghana continues to guide Kwabena Tweneboa professionally and personally. Kwabena recently was promoted to Residence Director (RD) in Worcester. This Ghanaian adage serves him well in his support of the five men who live in his residence, the 10 staff members he supervises, and the two young sons he is raising.

“I’m quickly growing into the RD role with the support of my amazing staff and supervisors,” Kwabena said. “They’re making the steep learning curve manageable.” Among the countless tasks of an RD, Kwabena manages the finances of the house and its residents, ensures their ongoing medical needs are met, serves as liaison with residents’ families and friends, and stays connected with Seven Hills management.


For more information on Career Paths at Seven Hills, please contact Bill Sodeman, Chief Learning Officer, at 508.983.1350 or wsodeman@sevenhills.org

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