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Residential Options

Children's Therapeutic and Family-Centered Support

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When circumstances call for children to need a residential placement outside of their home, Seven Hills provides a range of specialized therapeutic options.  Whether children attend one of our Seven Hills special education schools, attend their own public home school, or need long-term intensive medical care, our integrated teams of educators, clinicians, and community support professionals ensure that children have a safe, nurturing, and dignified community home in which to grow.

  • Long-Term Care

    Long-Term Care

    State-of-the-art medical treatment combined with compassionate care

  • Palson Group Home

    Palson Group Home

    A relational approach to treatment supporting youth in overcoming fundamental attachment disruptions

  • Residential Options for Children

    Residential Options for Children

    Community-based residential homes for chilldren with complex needs

  • Residential Program at Stetson

    Residential Program at Stetson

    Therapeutic, family-centered residential treatment and support


"After three failed attemps at residential schools, Jason is now happy, emotionally healthy and looking to transition back to our home after a year at Seven Hills Academy in Devens as a residential student." Janet

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