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A Diverse Culture Grows a Rich Culture of Giving

SHGO staff

Seven Hills honors its employees who come to us from over 58 different countries, in part, by defining a culture of putting others first. Through the initiative of our diverse staff, Seven Hills Global Outreach (SHGO) was established to help people with significant life challenges across the globe. SHGO leverages humanitarian efforts of partnering health, education, and human services organizations in developing nations and home communities of Seven Hills’ staff.

The greatest challenge for these communities around the world is the lack of access to basic resources. SHGO addresses the critical need for potable water, sanitation, food, clothing, education, microfinance, and healthcare in 8 developing countries to enable local solutions to these challenges.


For more on the work of Seven Hills Global Outreach, visit shgo.org

Dr. David A. Jordan
President Emeritus
P: 508.983.1301
E: djordan@sevenhills.org