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Funding Supports: Creative Partnerships Between Individuals, Families, and Seven Hills


Agency with Choice is a funding model of supports that is offered by the MA Department of Developmental Services and is driven by the self-determination of each individual supported. This model is built on the creativity and desire of families who want to support their loved one to pursue his or her vision in life by managing service funding in a self-directed way. Seven Hills is an experienced Agency with Choice provider and partners with families to hire the individual staff workers chosen to provide their services. The individual worker becomes an employee of Seven Hills and we help you train and manage that staff person. Seven Hills is one of the largest providers of Agency with Choice, which is also known as a co-employment model.

Rhode Island

The My-Choice program of Seven Hills Rhode Island (SHRI) is an authorized fiscal intermediary program of the RI Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals. The program allows for people with disabilities and their families to self-direct and control their supports, services, and lives. The intent of the model is to assist each person to develop and maintain their independence in a person-centered plan. My-Choice is built to fulfill the core values of Self-Determination:
Freedom – Authority – Support – Responsibility – Confirmation.