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09 2019

A blog is neither a diary nor a journal

By Jean DesRoches

“A blog is neither a diary nor a journal. Many people think of blogging in relation to those two things, confessional or practical. It is neither but includes elements of both.” - Lemn Sissay

OK so you’ve guessed it, this blog is about well, blogs! Not a ‘guess what I knitted today blog’ or ‘doesn’t my dog look cute in the sweater I bought it’ kind of blog, but this is a blog post about assistive technology blogs. Hey, if you are reading this blog, chances are you are interested in learning more about AT and don’t mind browsing through a blog while having your morning coffee. So grab your coffee and let’s jump in!

Top 5 Blog graphicI found a recent article about the “Top 5 Assistive Technology Blogs” on the Iris Tech Concussion Blog. The graphic to the right shows how easy it is to just click the word "Follow" in the top corner and get alerts sent to your inbox on your favorite topics.


ATB logo1. The first blog mentioned is the Assistive Technology Blog. This blog has many ways for you to follow such as Instagram, Email or Newsletter. I just signed up for the Instagram portion, and if I find lots to love, I’ll subscribe to the email portion as well. From Nuos, a mechanism to allow paralyzed people to speak again to a Quadriplegic Engineer Inventing a New Ramp System, to get in and out of vehicles, there appears to be lots to catch up on!


Tecla logo2. Defined as “A must-read for assistive tech aficionados” is the Tecla Blog. Keep in mind that Tecla is a hardware manufacturer. Their site states ‘Tecla allows an individual to interact with their iOS and Android devices, computers, and smart home systems, hands-free with ability switches.” That being said, the one article I’ve read so far is pretty balanced. I subscribed to this one via the RSS feed in Google Chrome.


3. ATMac “provides helpful information about all Apple products for users with a disability, chronic illness, or other impairments.” I had a bit of difficulty with my email sign-up, my browser gave me a security message as an “unsafe” site, which really could be nothing, though I decided to pop back periodically and not subscribe at this time.


Easterseals Indata4. Easterseals INDATA Project Blog “One of our goals at The INDATA Project is to be an industry leader in sharing all kinds of assistive technology-related content.” And they have some great options from podcasts- to videos to newsletters, tons to dig into here! For now, I subscribed to the RSS feed and video channel.


Guardian Helmets blog5. Guardian Helmets Blog With categories from concussions and head protection to science and seizures, this looks to be a great resource! I tabled this for now but did bookmark it in my Chrome favorites.


So there you have it, you now have no excuse for not staying current on all things AT!

Have a favorite of your own? Email me at jdesroches@sevenhills.org and I’ll share your gems in a future blog!

Warmest wishes,

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