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Assistive Technology

"My name is Jean Des Roches, I am the Assistive Technology (AT) Assistant Vice President for Seven Hills Foundation. I invite you to access helpful tips, tools, information and resources as I share them here."

Why AT?

Assistive technology promotes greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they may have difficulty accomplishing.

Assistive technology, or AT for short - is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities. AT helps by providing enhancements to the methods we use to accomplish tasks and goals.

Seven Hills is committed to enhancing the education, communication, recreation, and social opportunities of individuals we support. This work is enhanced by our increasing ability to provide access to Assistive Technology through secured funding from private and corporate grants, individuals and through the generosity of our funding partners.

Thanks to grant funding, Seven Hills has been able to purchase, configure and deploy an impressive amount of vital technology across our various programs. 

04 2020

I, Robot

By Jean Des Roches

I, Robot

Picture this, if you can: an 11-year-old girl sits cross-legged on the floor watching the first episode of a little show called Star-Trek. Wide-eyed, she watches as unheard-of technology is displayed as a backdrop to the plot. Automatic doors, computers, voice-responsive computers, hand-held communication devices!

06 2019

I Have Nothing to Wear

By Jean Des Roches, AT Program Director

I Have Nothing to Wear

Did you ever go to your closet and think “What on earth am I wearing today? I have nothing to wear!” … even as hangers full of clothes are staring you right in the face? We’ve all had those days, and depending on how you are feeling at any given moment, your relationship with your clothing changes.

22 2019

Prodding and Prompting: Medication Reminders

By Jean DesRoches

Prodding and Prompting: Medication Reminders

I am sure I’ve written about medication reminders before, or have I? Only kidding! I pretty sure I haven’t written about medication reminders specifically. Have I? OK, so never mind all that, the point is that in today’s busy, hectic world it is so easy to lose track of even simple things putting urgent things, like tracking medications, dosages, and timing, even more at risk.

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