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The Independent Provider, or IP Program, is a consumer-directed program designed to provide in-home services and supports to adults with disabilities and elders. Consumer-directed programs allow the person to have the right to self-determination, to live independently and to be integrated fully into the community. A person chooses self-direction because it affords choice, flexibility, and control. The consumer needs to be approved for Medicaid Long Term Care Services (LTSS).

The IP Program allows elders and adults with disabilities, the option and opportunity to manage a flexible schedule and determine how they will distribute their hours of services to best meet their personal care needs. The hours of services are to be utilized exclusively for personal care and homemaker services to assist an individual in living independently in their community.
Participants in this program must be 65 or over or 18 or over and have a disability. They also must meet requirements for high or highest level of care and be able to self-direct their care or have a representative that is able to direct for them.

If interested in this LTC service please contact Caressa Cardona Moison at 401.229.9700.

For information about Independent Provider Model visit the EOHHS website for further consumer information.

For further information about overall Long Term Services and Supports please visit the Long Term Services and Supports page on the EOHHS website.