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Develop a Personalized Career Plan that will put you on a Path to Live your Best Life

Personalized Career PlanEmployment Matters is a program designed to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities develop a personalized career plan and put them on a path to succeed and achieve their best life. Their personal and work-related goals matter, and their voice—including their thoughts, feelings, and unique challenges and concerns—are heard

They will make friends, make money, and make a difference. We have a caring team with the strategy, ability, and holistic approach to help them enhance their life. We work closely with their family to build a strong foundation and support system. Most important, it is success on their terms.

At Employment Matters you will:

  • Discover your interests, preferences, skills, and talents
  • Explore resources such as assistive technology and adaptive equipment
  • Develop your Personalized Employment Plan

What matters to you matters to us and we will help you all along the way with:

  • Peer-to-Peer Support, member to member and caregiver to caregiver 
  • Skill Building for independence, travel, and community mapping
  • Job Development to make business contacts and network
  • Real Work Experience short-term, on-site work experience
  • Job Coaching at your new employment location

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