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Seven Hills Foundation

Developing AT Solutions

Seven Hills Foundation has partnered with many area resources to bring the brightest students currently working in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) together with individuals who can benefit from creative Assistive Technology (AT) solutions in order to achieve greater independence in reaching their goals.

Mass Academy of Math and Science

This year alone there are thirteen teams from the Mass Academy of Math and Science working on projects which include many unique ideas such as a Drummer's Aid, Adapted Alarm Clock, a Power Isolation Safety System and Comfortable Crutches.  One of last year’s projects resulted in a student-created app that is now available for purchase on the iTunes store, where it will help the greater community!

UMass Lowell

The students working in Assistive Technology at UMass Lowell are stepping up to plate once again with much needed customized technology such as a Remote Call System in a residential home, and Adapted TV Remote for an individual with unique access issues and an Anti-collision System for a power wheelchair user! 

Worcester Community Project Center at WPI

Worcester Community Project Center at WPI (WCPC) has been sending us teams of students who work on one very specific issue at a time. They have helped us do cost analyses and feasibility studies on projects that have agency-wide impacts on how to better serve individuals in all of our affiliates.

This term, the WCPC team has been developing a database that will be accessible by anyone at SHF to quickly find AT solutions to a variety of issues. This database will provide instructions, materials lists, costs and all manner of helpful information which will enable staff to acquire the AT solution they are seeking. The database will also collect ideas from staff throughout the organization, thereby continuing to build an outstanding resource. Watch the team’s video here >

Read firsthand about the impact the Smart Home Technology team had on Eileen. Click here >

Seven Hills Staff

Seven Hills Staff has worked hand in hand with all student teams to answer questions, participate in research and trainings and otherwise make themselves available to all of the teams in a variety of ways to support each project’s success.

Staff also takes it upon themselves to discover new and innovative “off-the-shelf” solutions that provide a huge impact in the lives of those individuals we support every day. Click here to see the before and after impact of the Lift Ware spoon for one individual.

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