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Stetson School

An Affiliate of Seven Hills Foundation

Attachment-Oriented, Trauma-Informed and Developmentally Sensitive Treatment

Stetson School is a nationally accredited, fully licensed, Chapter 766-approved Residential and Education Treatment Program for male youth and young adults, ages 9-22, with sexually problematic behaviors, complex developmental difficulties, chronic mental illness, and autism spectrum disorders, who have suffered from severe trauma. Recognized as a national leader in the treatment of sexually troubled behavior, Stetson School offers a continuum of supports and services to the high-risk population with a family-focused, individualized “culture of recovery.” 

Stetson School Community Giving Fund of $10k annually will be given in up to $1,000 grants to nonprofit organizations or other community initiatives within the Town of Barre and/or other towns located in The Quabbin Regional School District that support community social good. Individuals or families are not eligible to apply.

Download Community Giving Fund Guidelines and Application Form.

At Stetson School, our highly-qualified staff of educators and clinicians provide supports that speak to an individual's entire mental health and developmental needs. Our goal is to provide tools that can be used throughout a lifetime. Stetson School fosters empathy and a strong alliance between our treatment team and educators, the child and the family to ensure success. Our focus centers on strength-based and culturally sensitive services with the goal of supporting family stability, successful reunification and permanency. Our flexible program options specialize in safety through quality assessment and individualized treatment plans, which work toward a safe return to the community.

Our beautiful country setting provides a therapeutic, safe and secure placement for young men which promotes accountability and healing. At Stetson School, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to become a confident, capable adult, and a productive member of the community.

Stetson is SEVIS-approved and accepts international youth.

Joseph A. Allred J.D., M.S.
Vice President
P: 978.355.4541 Ext. 4111
E: jallred@stetsonschool.org
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