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28 2020

YOU, Inc. Joining Seven Hills as 14th Affiliate

YOU, Inc. Joining Seven Hills as 14th Affiliate

Posted by Hubert, Jennifer
Jan 28, 2020
Posted by Hubert, Jennifer

David Jordan and Paula Aiello WORCESTER, Mass. (Jan. 28, 2020) – The boards of directors of Seven Hills Foundation and YOU, Inc. today announced an affiliation that will make YOU, Inc. the 14th affiliate of Seven Hills Foundation. This new partnership will ensure the preservation and continuation of youth and family services across the region, which will be integrated with a broader set of services provided by Seven Hills Foundation to children and adults in need of support.  The nonprofit agencies’ affiliation will take effect April 1.

YOU, Inc. (Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc.) was founded nearly 50 years ago to serve youthful offenders adjudicated by the Worcester Juvenile Court.  Today, YOU, Inc. provides behavioral health and educational services to more than 15,000 youth and their family members across Central Massachusetts.  YOU, Inc. employs over 550 people across 30 program sites.  The affiliation will provide stability to these programs by seamlessly integrating them into a larger non-profit organization.

“By combining these two organizations, we are creating a human services agency that is stronger than the sum of its parts,” said Dr. David A. Jordan, President of Seven Hills Foundation.  “The population served by Seven Hills is changing and evolving as we are supporting more individuals with needs that are complex and may include medical, developmental and behavioral facets.” 

“This affiliation will ensure the long-term viability of the vital services that we provide to vulnerable youth and families across Central Massachusetts,” said Paula Aiello, CPA, Interim President and CEO of YOU, Inc.  “Affiliation with Seven Hills Foundation, which is highly respected in the region and in our profession, will ensure that YOU, Inc.’s mission is fulfilled well into the future by leveraging the support and success of our new partner.”

Over the long term, both organizations will be improving program infrastructure with the goal of supporting more young people throughout Massachusetts.  “Our intent with this affiliation, is to expand critical areas of support we provide to children and families in need, strengthen our clinical expertise, and grow early access to services to the most underserved populations,” said Dr. Kathleen M. Jordan, Executive Vice President/CEO of Seven Hills Foundation.

“This alliance is a great positive for Worcester and Central Massachusetts, bringing together two local agencies and achieving greater scale, integration and innovation through consolidation,” said John N. Altomare, Chairman of the Governing Board of Directors for Seven Hills Foundation.

“Serving young people and families who often have nowhere else to turn has been YOU, Inc.’s focus since it was created, and that mission will remain vibrant as a result of the affiliation with Seven Hills Foundation,” said Roy Angel, Chair of the Board of Directors for YOU, Inc.  “This relationship protects what YOU, Inc. does as well as the people who do it.”

YOU, Inc. and Seven Hills Foundation play an active role in civic life in Worcester, and that is not expected to change after the affiliation. “Our community has been strengthened through the decades of service to children and families by YOU, Inc., as well as Seven Hills Foundation and its 13 affiliate organizations,” said Worcester City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr.

“They are at the table when we have important initiatives, need assistance, or are looking for health and human services expertise.  The City of Worcester is fortunate to have such engaged and committed partners driving the health and well-being of our community.  By joining together, I anticipate an even greater strength of service for central Massachusetts.” 

About Seven Hills Foundation

Headquartered in Worcester, the Seven Hills Foundation currently offers program sites at 160 locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island employing nearly 4,000 professionals.  Seven Hills Foundation offers a continuum of support and services to 45,000 children, adults and seniors with disabilities and other life challenges through its affiliate organizations that are part of the Foundation.  Seven Hills Foundation stands as one of the most dynamic and comprehensive health and human services agencies in the country and is widely recognized as a premier provider of comprehensive supports for children and adults with significant life challenges.  For more information, visit www.sevenhills.org.

Joining Seven Hills as 14th AffiliateAbout YOU, Inc.

YOU, Inc. is one of the leading child behavioral health and education agencies in Massachusetts. Throughout its 30 program locations, the agency offers services across Central Massachusetts. Whether the program or service is therapeutic, clinical, educational, or vocational, all are driven by its mission to provide youth and families with bright and healthy futures.  This past year, the agency proudly served more than 12,000 youth and family members, with a staff of more than 550.  For more information, visit www.youinc.org.

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