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14 2020

Stetson Youth Recognize Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Stetson Youth Recognize Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Posted by Hubert, Jennifer
Jan 14, 2020
Posted by Hubert, Jennifer

January 9th is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

This year, the youth at Stetson School came up with the idea of putting together “Survival Kits” for the officers of the Barre Massachusetts Police Department (BPD) to thank them for their service to the Barre and Stetson Communities. 

With the leadership and help of Stetson’s trainer/supervisor and Employee of the Year, Lisa Ouimette, the youth’s idea came to fruition.  

Lisa Ouimette, Deputy Chief Sabourin and IssiahEach Survival Kit contained a list of the items within and a reason for their inclusion: 

  • Lifesavers: To remind you of the many times that you’ve been one.

  • Starburst: For the energy that you need.

  • Payday: Since you’re not doing it for the money.  

  • Gum: To help everyone stick together.

  • Tootsie Roll: Because you have to roll with the punches.

  • Peppermint Patty: To help you keep your cool.

  • Snickers: To help you keep your sense of humor.

  • Mounds: For the mounds of courage that you show.   


As a part of Stetson’s Restorative Justice program, a number of youth helped Lisa put the Survival Kits together and one youth volunteered to help Lisa deliver the kits to the BPD.

Picture of a Survival KitBPD Chief John Carbone noted that the entire department was, “...thankful and appreciated the respectful gesture by the Stetson youth…”

Pictures: Lisa Ouimette, Deputy Chief Sabourin, and Isaiah; One of the “Survival Kits”      

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