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28 2022

Rewarding Careers that Make a Difference

Rewarding Careers that Make a Difference

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Jun 28, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

If you love working with people and creating meaningful change, there’s a career waiting for you at Seven Hills Foundation. No matter your background or experience, you’ll find a role that offers growth, fulfillment, and the gratification of knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives.

Seven Hills Foundation is one of the largest health and human services organizations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our workforce is 4,600-strong: great people who share a passion for empowering others. We may be big, but we stress a heartfelt approach: responsive, communicative, and focused on individuals and their unique needs.

Our clients have significant challenges — and our staff enables them to achieve the highest possible degree of personal well-being and independence. It’s a mission with endless rewards — including competitive salaries, extensive benefits, generous sign-on bonuses, a robust (and fun) employee recognition program, and a commitment to your education and career growth. Our structure of affiliates means employees can move and grow into new roles and experiences without having to shift to a new employer.

Join our Team at Seven Hills

What does it take to work with us? We offer positions from entry-level to all the way up, from new college grads to seasoned managers. If you’re interested in applying and want to know where to start, here’s a guide on finding the right opportunities.

Make a Match and Join our Team

First, consider your own preferences. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you love working one-on-one, or are you more of a team player?
  • Do you want to work full or part-time?
  • Do you need flexibility, or crave structure?
  • Do you love to travel or stay in one place?
  • Do you love working with children, or find joy in helping adults or seniors?


You may be looking for a friendlier atmosphere — with camaraderie and a sense of community spirit. You’ve come to the right place, and there are lots of options, from building skills from the ground up to leverage your hard-earned certifications or degrees.

Consider your long-term career objectives as well. Health and human services is a vast field with many specialized branches as well as tremendous room for fulfillment, growth, and promotion. So we’ve gathered some examples of potential positions, depending on your level — from entry-level to seasoned professional. Take a look:

Start Your Career With Us

Even if you have few relevant skills or none at all, there are a whole range of entry-level positions open throughout our different locations. We’re a big organization that serves thousands of people. Chances are, we’ve got a job for you, and many come with signing bonuses.

The bottom line is wanting to work with people in meaningful, rewarding roles. And you need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent, a valid driver’s license and clean driving record, and a covid vaccination. Here’s a short sampling of potential entry-level jobs at Seven Hills:

Career Opportunities at Seven Hills

Find the Perfect Position

Join Our Behavioral Health Team

If you have a background in psychology /social services, there are great opportunities at Seven Hills to work with individuals, families, children, or adults. There are roles as counselors, clinicians, and BCBAs (board-certified behavior analysts).

Career Opportunities at Seven Hills

Find the Perfect Position

Join Our Nursing and Healthcare Team

We have many choices of roles and career paths for nurses at Seven Hills Foundation, from working with children to adults and seniors, in a whole range of locations. If you’re interested in a career in nursing, this is a great place to start. And licensed and registered nurses often find a sense of meaning and connection here that isn’t always easy to find.

Career Opportunities at Seven Hills


Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.)

Find the Perfect Position

Join Our Administrative Staff

Seven Hills runs on the skills and attention of its administrative and managerial staff. We can’t achieve our mission without you. There are so many positions on all levels. The common ground is a passion for teamwork, organization, and doing good. Here are some sample potential positions:

Career Opportunities at Seven Hills

Supervisory and Management

Residence Director

Find the Perfect Position

Empower Others, Empower Yourself

Seven Hills has a clear mission to empower individuals to grow while making their communities a more welcoming place. This extends to our employees as well as our clients and their families. We don’t just want our clients to thrive. We want our employees to thrive too — and be able to be the best at what you do. We support employee growth with leadership programs, e-learning, student loan and tuition support, and unparalleled training opportunities.

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