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10 2020

Remembering Cooper: Stetson School’s Therapy Dog

Remembering Cooper: Stetson School’s Therapy Dog

Posted by Hubert, Jennifer
Feb 10, 2020
Posted by Hubert, Jennifer

A Message from Stetson School Vice President, Joseph Allred

Picture of Cooper and AntiI am writing today with some very sad news. Over the weekend our beloved Cooper passed away. He served Stetson School for over 8 years, and was a source of healing for many of our students. He left an indelible mark on all who were around him, and his intelligence was second to none. I often said that Cooper was the smartest animal on the planet. His ability to read any situation and respond accordingly was truly remarkable.

I think Andi said it best that at his core Cooper was a healer. He loved to work, loved his time with our kids and loved anyone who was near him. The memories I have of him are many, and his legacy will be one of healing, love and compassion. I remember the countless times he intervened with students who were having a difficult time; his morning routine of visiting all of the offices to say hello, or to get his favorite treats from Pete, Myla and Deb. I always found it amazing that he knew that I was allergic to him, yet he would always come to my office to say hello, knowing that he couldn't touch me.

Andi, Cooper's owner and Stetson School employee, Cooper and Gwendolyn, Stetson's therapy cat, were an unbelievable team. Their work together enriched the lives of so many. Just recently, they were certified into Pet Partners Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Corps. On behalf of Stetson School we want to thank Andi for allowing Cooper to be apart of our lives for all of these years. He will forever be in our hearts and we are eternally grateful for his service.

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