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10 2024

Pathways to Employment

Pathways to Employment

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Jul 10, 2024
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Untitled-1Seven Hills Foundation would like to thank the Berkshire Bank Foundation for their recent grant of $5,000 to support our ASPiRE! Workforce Development and Employment Readiness program. This innovative model provides comprehensive vocational training, education, and job placement services to adults ages 18 and older who are seeking employment-related services. We’re grateful to partner with Berkshire Bank Foundation to offer these vital employment services.
The Workforce Readiness & Employment Program at Seven Hills ASPiRE! provides vocational training, education, and job placement services to individuals seeking employment-related services.  The goal of the Workforce Readiness & Employment Program is to help individuals with developmental disabilities (I/DD), autism (ASD), and brain injury (ABI) prepare for, obtain, and maintain their highest level of competitive employment. 
Our comprehensive support services encompass a range of critical areas to empower individuals in their vocational pursuits. We begin with functional vocational assessments to identify strengths and areas for growth, followed by strategic career planning and resume development tailored to individual aspirations. Job-specific training equips candidates with necessary skills, complemented by on-site job coaching and shadowing to ensure seamless integration into the workplace. We prioritize specific skill and soft-skill development to enhance professional capabilities and effectiveness. Our guidance extends to refining interviewing skills and providing benefits education and coordination, ensuring candidates are well-prepared and informed throughout their career journey.

Community-Based Day Supports – provides individuals with the skills needed to develop, enhance, and maintain their competence and confidence in personal, social, and community-based activities. Included in the program are up to 15 hours per week of vocational trainings and work options to develop and foster core skills and vocational attributes necessary for social and vocational independence.

Group Supported Employment – provides valuable on-the-job training to individuals by establishing natural supports within the workplace and preparing individuals for eventual competitive job placement in the community. Groups work in competitive positions with partnering employers in the community.

Individual Supported Employment (Competitive Job Placement, DDS and MRC) – person-centered and individualized career planning including vocational assessments lead to securing and maintaining long-term employment in the community through on-site job training, short- and long-term job coaching, and assistance in the development of natural supports.

The Kitchen at Seven Hills is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, and is recognized by the National Restaurant Association and ServSafe Certification programs. Staffed by an in-house Chef/Educator, The Kitchen at Seven Hills provides a structured food-service training program designed to prepare participants for a variety of food service-related jobs in the community.  Participants help to provide catering and meal preparation for a variety of in-house programs.

Café Seven Hills are located at three Seven Hills’ sites in Worcester, Massachusetts including Coe's Park and in Worcester City Hall.  Participants are provided with a structured Café Management Program designed to prepare participants to manage and provide direct retail services within a Café setting.

Facilities Services Training Center offers a program that provides hands-on training to individuals who are seeking employment in the commercial cleaning industry.

Office Management provides internships and hands-on training for clerical, receptionist, archiving and basic office skills.

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