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23 2022

Introducing this Week's Seven Hills Champion: Michael Dow, Parent Counselor, Child Care Resources

Introducing this Week's Seven Hills Champion: Michael Dow, Parent Counselor, Child Care Resources

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Feb 23, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

michael-dow_216x288Seven Hills Champs are celebrated across all affiliates, at different phases of their employment, and for various, impactful reasons. Michael Dow was fresh out of college when he landed his first full-time job as a parent counselor for Child Care Resources (CCR), a program of Children’s Aid & Family Service. 11 months later, he is being heralded as a Seven Hills Champ! CCR provides access to information, resources, and referrals for families seeking affordable, quality child care. It is also the single point of access to subsidized child care vouchers for thousands of families and with its expansion into western MA, is processing the highest volume of voucher referrals for the Commonwealth. As a parent counselor, Michael’s role in the process begins when funds become available for families seeking subsidies. It is Michael’s responsibility to vet all paperwork and confirm that a family is legally eligible. It is tedious for both families and staff, yet Michael orchestrates all of it with compassionate authority. He knows the protocol by heart and emphasizes the common pitfalls that can send a family back to the starting point. Patient and thorough, Michael is a success at bridging the gap for families seeking a healthy life/work balance. The CCR staff are thrilled to have him on their team and families appreciate his insight. Michael is mutually appreciative, yet quick to point out that so many CCR staff are deserving of Seven Hills Champs’ status. He also feels fortunate to have found the position so soon after graduating. “I earned my degree, but I was lacking direction,” Michael said. “This job has given me a purpose and the opportunity to make productive changes in the lives and futures of families in need.”

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