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09 2022

Introducing Seven Hills Champion, John Twining, Shared Living Provider: Seven Hills Family Services

Introducing Seven Hills Champion, John Twining, Shared Living Provider: Seven Hills Family Services

Posted by Peter Demko
May 09, 2022
Posted by Peter Demko

john twining_fin2Paul B. is living the Shared Living dream, thanks to his provider of 21 years, John Twining. Paul was born with developmental disabilities and autism and was entrusted to a convent by his mother shortly after his birth in 1965. Paul was raised in the foster care system until adulthood, when he was matched with a caregiver in a living arrangement that lasted nearly 15 years. When it ended abruptly in 2001, it was John who came to Paul’s rescue. Caring for people with disabilities is second nature to John. His brother was born with cognitive disabilities and autism, and the family prioritized his brother’s needs. The experience influenced John’s values and he began a career in health and human services. In 1997, when he was working as a case manager for the Seven Hills program, TWO (Therapeutic Work Options), John learned about the emerging Shared Living model. He was intrigued, but the timing wasn’t right. It was, however, in 2001, when John got the call about Paul and officially became his Shared Living Provider. The two were a dynamic duo from the start. John is firm, but fun—and, oh do they have fun! John loves to travel and Paul loves to fly, so they relish every opportunity to take off! The globetrotters’ excursions have included cruises, both Disneys, the Everglades, and San Diego. Yet, there is one dream that puts the ultimate gleam in John’s eye—Paris. To honor Paul’s French heritage, it is John’s wish to visit the City of Lights and return with a photo of Paul in front of the Eiffel Tower. John’s exceptional standard for the Shared Living experience is widely known, and he has been asked to accommodate other participants in the program. Such was the case with Vinnie 15 years ago. When Vinnie’s mom lost custody, their service coordinator said, “Get in touch with John Twining. You’ll never get a better caregiver.” John shrugs off the compliment with humor, “They come to me in an emergency and never leave.” This terrific trio is a snapshot of the ideal Shared Living Provider model, framing the perfect provider-participant match. John has accommodated several other individuals over the years; some for a weekend, some for years at a time. There’s always a room at John’s for those who need a safe and fun place—one that reflects a lifetime of commitment to the joys of caregiving.

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