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28 2022

Introducing Seven Hills Champion Jennifer Kertyzak, Early Intervention Occupational Therapist, Seven Hills Rhode Island

Introducing Seven Hills Champion Jennifer Kertyzak, Early Intervention Occupational Therapist, Seven Hills Rhode Island

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Jun 28, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

Jennifer-KertyzakJennifer Kertyzak’s career as an occupational therapist, affirms her extraordinary ability to improve the developmental outcomes for very young children with medical conditions and at risk for delays. Jennifer imparts a determination—a personal mission—to harness every grain of her knowledge and experience to improve a child’s prognosis and progress that just doesn’t seem possible. It is to Jennifer and through her unwavering will, she is enabling countless babies and toddlers to crawl, walk, eat, and talk their way across developmental finish lines. Jen earned her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Boston University. She accepted her first post-graduate position in Early Intervention (EI), discovering a passion for applying her therapeutic skills to young children and their families in their routine environment. Yet, Jen heeded the call to explore another dimension to her profession: intensive therapy in critical care, providing neurodevelopmental assessments of infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As she honed her OT skills in this acute environment, Jen worked with her colleagues to improve the unit’s positive impact on the tiny patients’ ability to breathe optimally through motor control and positioning therapies. Eventually, Jen returned to community-based therapy and began working in the Early Intervention program at Seven Hills Rhode Island (SHRI). Celebrating five years with the program in March 2022, Jen now manages a caseload of 35 children and their families. A typical day consists of four home visits, a staff meeting, school transition meetings, and communication with nutritionists, pediatricians, and professionals related to each case. Jen commends the SHRI EI program for its dedicated teamwork and collaboration among professionals from each of the therapeutic disciplines to overcome complex challenges and achieve each family’s goals. Devising plans using the therapies—occupational, physical, speech & language, and music—all play significant roles in any child’s developmental advances. Sharing success is the reward and the team celebrates every step of the way. For Jen, though, the brightest light in her career shines on the relationships she develops with the families—working together, solving problems, and the Aha! moments when a child meets and exceeds their success potential. SHRI EI is strengthened by all that their Seven Hills Champ, Jen, brings to every child and family supported, and the smiles that are a testament to the milestones achieved every day.

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