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04 2022

Introducing Seven Hills Champion Jen Dooley, Seven Hills Rhode Island

Introducing Seven Hills Champion Jen Dooley, Seven Hills Rhode Island

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Aug 04, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

SHF-Champions-Jen-DooleyJennifer Dooley embodies what it means to be a part of the team at Seven Hills through her positive attitude, care for others, and dedication to her work. Jen began her work for Seven Hills Rhode Island 11 years ago this past May in child services, before moving on to the day program. She now works nights and mornings as a direct support specialist at Old Clark, a residential living home for those with disabilities, located in Smithfield, Rhode Island. At Old Clark, Jen goes above and beyond with her clients as well as her fellow co-workers. She strives to create a positive work environment and to form special bonds with those around her. Aside from personal care, giving clients choice and opportunity in daily activities is where she truly excels, whether it be doing hair and makeup, painting nails, or dancing. That is where these personal bonds are truly built. “You can get to form such special bonds when you get to know the folks, and they get to know you.” Empowering her clients to make their own decisions can serve as an inspiration to continue to live life to the fullest.  Jen recalls a specific experience in which a client struggled with a future mapping task, and he eventually had to step out of the room. Through positive reassurance and a display of trust, Jen was able to help him back inside to complete the assignment. The individuals’ personal growth serves as the most rewarding aspect for Jen “It is such a big deal to see people overcome and grow; you really know that you are making a difference in people’s lives.” Providing the best experience to her clients as well as her co-workers through hard work and compassion is a reflection of Jen’s character and her work with Seven Hills.  She inspires all around her with strong leadership, a positive attitude, and a deep caring for others.  

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