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24 2024

Enhancing the Quality of Care

Enhancing the Quality of Care

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Jun 24, 2024
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

Nurse helpingWithin the comprehensive Health and Wellness component, nursing staff in the ASPiRE! Day Habilitation program monitor participants’ weight, blood pressure, mobility, cognitive function, and behavioral health on a weekly basis. In some cases, participants’ own primary care practices do not have the equipment or mechanisms in place to safely monitor their weight. A recent Catalyst Fund grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation will place a Sit-to-Stand patient lift and scale at the ASPiRE! site in Devens, MA. This new piece of equipment will assist the nursing team in monitoring participants’ weights accurately and safely – circumventing or addressing weight-related health concerns while significantly reducing the risk of falls or injuries.


A Sit-to-Stand patient lift and scale is a crucial medical device for individuals with limited mobility, assisting with the transition from sitting to standing positions. Comprising a base with wheels, a lifting mechanism, a supportive sling or harness, and a control unit, this device gently elevates the person, lessening physical strain for both them and their nurses. Its integrated scale ensures accurate weight measurement during lifts, vital for regular weight tracking. The lift fosters comfort and dignity through its gentle approach and also provides additional safety by decreasing the risk of falls. By promoting independent mobility and reducing caregiver burden, the Sit-to-Stand lift and scale not only improves the individual's outcomes but also elevates the quality of care delivery for people attending the ASPiRE! Day Habilitation program, enhancing their overall well-being and autonomy.


Day Habilitation services are provided in the community-based settings of Worcester and Devens in Massachusetts, and Woonsocket, Rhode Island. All programs offer integrated occupational, physical, and speech therapy as well as nursing and behavioral supports either on-site or in the community. Training is offered in functional life skills, health maintenance, fine- and gross-motor skills, self-direction, community utilization, socialization, and communication. 


Each Day Habilitation location provides an environment tailored to the needs, interests, abilities, and desires of the participants. The programs operate Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., or 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. All locations have specialists trained to assist individuals who are aging or have significant medical involvement. Participants are encouraged to maximize their participation and potential with the support of skilled staff. Skill-based learning is offered through various engaging and therapeutic activities, including Community Navigation, Comprehensive Arts Curriculum, Saori Weaving, Music Therapy, Assistive Technology, Health and Wellness Curriculum, Gross and Fine Motor Rooms, Therapeutic Horticulture, Massage Therapy, and Multimedia Clubhouse.  Furthermore, the services provided include therapeutically based skills training to enhance the overall well-being and development of each participant.


The support goals of these programs include offering opportunities for choice, initiation, and risk-taking, as well as providing challenging and meaningful activities that promote personal growth. The programs aim to encourage and teach maximal participation by increasing opportunities for motivation, independence, and self-direction. They focus on capitalizing on each person’s capabilities, strengths, and preferences while offering respectful, dignified, culturally, and age-appropriate services.

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