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18 2022

Brain Injury Clubhouse Builds a Community-Based Foundation for Growth

Brain Injury Clubhouse Builds a Community-Based Foundation for Growth

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Jan 18, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

BI-clubhouse-WHMost members of a brain injury clubhouse tell you that they come to be with friends and for something to do that makes a difference. A lot of people with acquired brain injury have difficulty working and participating in their community. The clubhouse is a chance to be with others who understand brain injury and work for recovery. It empowers members to step outside of their comfort zones and work toward goals they might otherwise not consider.

The Seven Hills NeuroCare Brain Injury Clubhouse is a new service model that will soon open its doors at 589 South First Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The community-based, voluntary, member-directed program involves people impacted by an acquired brain injury (ABI) who are motivated to achieve their personal and professional goals. Directed by Jennifer Adams, MPA, members work alongside staff to operate the Clubhouse, and each is dedicated to the other’s success through the shared belief that the opportunity to work and have work-mediated relationships are restorative, provide a firm foundation for growth, and help build confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

Members set and achieve goals with the encouragement of their fellow members and staff. Throughout their day-to-day tasks, members’ confidence and skills grow as they do the work of recovery and then the work of living their lives to the fullest. It isn’t uncommon for a member’s goals to help them in their personal lives. For example, working in the Clubhouse kitchen unit will help some members to be able to cook at home. Some members will learn to handle money more responsibly by working in the business unit. Experience in the maintenance unit will help some members complete chores on their own at home. All of the units provide opportunities to enhance a member’s “return-to-work” skills. Additional Clubhouse supports include health and wellness activities such as walking clubs and yoga or social and recreational opportunities such as support groups or cultural outings. Every unit and supplemental programming give members a sense of camaraderie and experiences to share with each other and to draw upon as their independence grows.

“We are really excited for the opportunity to partner with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to help provide survivors of brain injuries in Massachusetts with access to this essential service. The Clubhouse model is an important intervention with increasing evidence supporting the promotion of independence, productivity and community integration—the very benchmarks used to measure quality of life.”—Dr. Jonathan Worcester, VP of Seven Hills NeuroCare

Funded by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, the new Seven Hills NeuroCare Brain Injury Clubhouse will work toward a set of standards from the International Brain Injury Clubhouse Alliance (IBICA) to ensure member involvement in all aspects of the program’s operation. Referrals are received through the Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP) and other supports are provided through braided funding from the ABI/MFP Waivers.

Seven Hills NeuroCare, Inc., was launched in 2015, to provide specialized services to adults with ABI and now operates 20 homes throughout central, metro west, northeast, and southeast regions of MA. SHNC is a regional leader in community-based supports for survivors of ABI and is excited to add the clubhouse model to extend its partnership with brain injury survivors in another community-based setting. The Clubhouse model focuses on a wider array of life and social skill domains, taking meaningful steps toward independence, productivity, and community integration.

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