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06 2018

Bonnie Magistrelli retirement

Bonnie Magistrelli retirement

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Apr 06, 2018
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

Bonnie MagistrelliBonnie Magistrelli, the Area Director for the Lynn Individual Supports program at Seven Hills is retiring after 17 years of service.  Bonnie is well-known as one of the most dedicated people in the field of human services, and relentless support to the people for whom she cares is admirable.
Bonnie has worked with the toughest of tough; people struggling with addiction, homelessness, and the judicial system, but she never gave up. With her guidance, the people she supported learned the coping skills needed to live in the community.  While at times regression occurred, setbacks never deterred Bonnie from ensuring those in her care were always progressing forward. She provided each individual the chance to succeed, always supporting them to live a life engaged in positive opportunity. The positive influence Bonnie introduced into the lives of so many continues to have a profound impact!

To no surprise, Bonnie will continue to provide several hours of direct support each week for some of the individuals she has guided and supported throughout the past 16 years. Bonnie will truly be missed by her Northeast team at Seven Hills!

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