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31 2022

An Interview with Vilmary Lopez, LICSW, Seven Hills Behavioral Health

An Interview with Vilmary Lopez, LICSW, Seven Hills Behavioral Health

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
May 31, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

Vilmary Lopez"I started as an outpatient clinician with YOU, Inc. 6 years ago and now we are Seven Hills Behavioral Health—working with teens  and adults, but primarily youth. I do a lot of work with youth who have faced trauma and are experiencing anxiety, and depression. They all tend to coincide with each other.”

Why Seven Hills?
"Originally what drew me to YOU, Inc. was the community and feeling welcomed. I think that it's so important for employees and clients to feel like they matter and we're happy to see them. Using welcoming behaviors such as offering coffee and having a welcoming environment helps. What originally drew me to the agency was that community and also feeling like my voice mattered. and unfortunately, not a lot of agencies are like that”

Your thoughts on reducing the stigma around mental health:
“The best way to reduce stigma is by just talking about it and talking about mental health. As early as possible, in elementary school, talking openly normalizes mental health.. Encouraging families to talk about it, especially in Hispanic communities or other cultures where it is taboo to talk about mental health...Access to the world through social media, the more aware we are to what is going on. The Covid-19 pandemic is a worldwide trauma, so everyone is experiencing trauma simultaneously, exposing people to depression and other mental health issues they never experienced before.”

Your most memorable moment or connection:
"The connection I have with my supervisor, for sure. I have had her since I was an intern and having a good supervisor connection can really help you feel supported in a field that is really hard to get your feet in and get established as a clinician."

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