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11 2022

An Interview with Karam Hanna, MFT, Seven Hills Behavioral Health

An Interview with Karam Hanna, MFT, Seven Hills Behavioral Health

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Aug 11, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

Karam HannaIntroducing Karam Hanna, MFT- Outpatient Therapist in Family and Couples Counseling, Seven Hills Behavioral Health.

“Seeing my clients progress towards their well-being is the highlight of my day. It is all about the little wins when you’re in my line of work. They keep you going.”

What made you want to be a clinician?
"My family always believed I was a good listener. Originally, I went to college for biology, as I wanted to become a doctor. When I took a psychology elective, my teacher asked me to reevaluate whether I still wanted to be a doctor. Six months later, I was changing my major from biology to psychology."

Why did you decide to work for Seven Hills?
"I was originally hired as an intern for You, Inc. They had a great reputation for intern training, so it was immediately a welcoming and kind environment. Everyone held a helpful attitude, focused on working together. When the merger occurred, it was a positive and smooth transition."

What skills have you learned at Seven Hills?
"I have to be easy on myself. I trust my knowledge and gut to keep me from getting overwhelmed. I know that my intentions for this job are good."

 What is your clinical specialty? What ages do you work with?
"I am a family and couples’ therapist. I work on family dynamics and relationships. I also have a large base of LGBTQ+ clients.  My youngest is 12, but my oldest client is around 50. I work on open and honest communications. Families reevaluate and reestablish their intentions for their relationships. I am also bilingual, speaking both English and Arabic."

What is the best way to reduce mental health stigma?
"We have to educate people on mental health and normalize it. There is too much shame in the media today. Our awareness will help minimize the negatives attributed to mental health. Our job is to steer folks in the right direction, rather than judge them." 

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