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School-Based Services

YOU, Inc.

We provide counseling and consultation in public schools across Central MA, reaching children literally where they are in their communities. Our primary goal is to allow for easier access to mental health services by providing counseling within the school setting. Schools refer students for in-school counseling services, and parents/caregivers give permission for the child to receive services and to use their health insurance to cover session fees, with no cost to the school. Insurance co-payments sometimes apply, and in some cases schools identify grants or other funding sources as a secondary payment option.

Population Served

  • Youth of all ages in a public school system
  • Youth struggling with emotional, psychological, behavioral, social and family issues.

Overview of Services

We provide an array of School-Based Services, including individual and group counseling, consultation, training, psychological and ADHD testing services, and risk management evaluations to schools throughout Central MA. Our referrals come from teachers, counselors, and school administrators at the elementary through high school level.

Services available include in-school individual and family counseling, in-school group therapy, consultations and classroom observations. Students receiving School-Based Services may also take advantage of our office-based services provided in our Behavioral Health centers, including psychiatry services, psychological testing, specialized group counseling, or office-based family therapy.

The School-Based Services team also provides consultation, workshops and training to teachers and school personnel around the impact of mental health issues on school performance.

Referral Information    

Potential clients are identified by the School-Based Services Coordinator or by school personnel, and referred to our Central Referral team at 1- 855-496-8462 (1-855-4YOUINC) or centralreferral@youinc.org.

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