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Seven Hills Foundation

We provide psychological assessment services to evaluate and accurately diagnose a client’s strengths and functioning across an array of areas including cognitive, behavioral, social, and emotional functioning. Assessments may also include neuropsychological screenings and academic assessment.

Population Served

  • Youth and adolescents ages 6 and over

Overview of Services

Our team utilizes standardized assessments and measures to help determine the most effective path for an individual and provide recommendations for treatment. These assessments and tests can help clarify concerns that someone is dealing with and make recommendations that can be helpful in multiple realms of their life. They can also help classify an individual’s diagnosis, such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and other prevalent issues.

Referral Information    

Psychological testing referrals must be made by a provider (outpatient therapist, Primary Care Provider, etc.) Referring parties must complete a full referral form and return it to our Central Referral department.

Additional Information