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Positive Parent coaching is an intensive in-home program based on the STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) approach. Topics include understanding child developmental stages, developing empathy, using appropriate discipline, and improving communication and respect.

Population Served

  • Youth of all ages in a public school system
  • Youth struggling with emotional, psychological, behavioral, social and family issues.

Overview of Services

The Positive Parenting Program was established in 2006, and consists of a twelve-week curriculum, offered in the home and designed to assist families to develop effective parenting skills. These skills include recognizing and using appropriate methods of discipline, increasing effective communication, understanding typical child development, and providing a nurturing home.

Participating families are assigned a Parent Coach who acts as a teacher and mentor, and provides support and feedback while actively working on goals identified by a family. The coach meets with the family 2-3 times per week for the first four weeks, followed by weekly visits for eight weeks. The Positive Parenting program includes in-depth discussion of the STEP Parent Handbook, referrals and advocacy as needed, connection to community resources, collaboration with other providers, and assistance with behavior management techniques. Each Parent Coach administers a pre- and post-test to determine family needs and skill level, and to measure the level of improvement at the close of services.

Referral Information     

Referrals to the Positive Parenting program are made by the Department of Children and Families, based on a particular family’s needs around improving parenting skills, and emphasizing families at significant risk of having their children being removed from the home. Families that are preparing to be reunified following a removal may also be referred to the program to assist with the transition process. Positive Parenting referrals have also been made for new foster parents, foster parents with kinship placements, and foster families with children that have significant mental health or behavioral needs.

To learn more or refer to Positive Parent Coaching, please contact our Central Referral at (1-855-4YOUINC) or centralreferral@youinc.org.

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