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Landlords and Tenants: Are you having trouble due to the lifting of the Housing Moratorium?

Your case may qualify for FREE mediation services.

The Family Services of Central Massachusetts (FSCM) Mediation Department is part of a statewide initiative offering free mediation services to Landlords and Tenants under Governor Baker’s statewide Eviction Diversion Initiative (EDI). The EDI Program is administered by the MA Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) in cooperation with the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration (MOPC).

All Community Mediation Centers providing housing mediation services in Massachusetts can be found at resolutionma.org

Our Mediation Approach

  • FSCM practices a co-mediation model which has the advantages of teamwork and effective communication. 
  • We train mediators to facilitate rather than direct the mediation.
  • FSCM mediators assist the parties to clarify issues, to consider their options, and to reach workable solutions.
  • FSCM’s diverse mediators hold a Basic Mediation Certificate and further training in Housing Mediation.

Housing Mediation Benefits

For Tenants:

  • Can help work out if and how arrears can be paid off.
  • Can avoid the risk of having their credit records negatively affected.

For Landlords:

  • Can more quickly resolve an issue of arrears and avoid eviction costs.

For Landlords and Tenants:

  • Can help to stabilize tenancy or can help to find a way to leave a property that works for both parties.
  • No public record involved.
  • Gives the parties control over the outcome of their dispute.
  • Collaborative outcomes are more lasting and more respected.
  • Gives parties a chance to speak and hear one another.
  • Creative, flexible outcomes.

When to Mediate?

  • Before any court eviction proceeding,
  • After an eviction case has been filed in court BUT before any hearing date,
  • Based on court referral.

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