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Group Therapy Services

YOU, Inc.

Our Behavioral Health Centers in Gardner, Southbridge and Worcester offer outpatient group therapy services. Groups vary by location, so please reach out to our Central Referral department at 1- 855-496-8462 (1-855-4YOUINC) or centralreferral@youinc.org for the most up to date offerings.

Below are groups that are regularly running at YOU, Inc.:

Healthy Relationships for Girls
A group to help girls improve self-esteem, build healthy relationships, address trauma, and successfully navigate adolescence. This group is broken down into 3 age groups.  

DBT Skills Group
A mixed gender group for teens (ages 13-17) who struggle with overwhelming emotions, difficulty with relationships or social skills, or who could benefit from learning about Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy skills to help change unwanted behaviors, emotions, or thoughts that cause distress.

Substance Use Group
A mixed gender group for adolescents ages 12-18 who are struggling to remain substance free. Goals of the substance use treatment program involve increasing awareness of how substance use impacts mental health, developing healthy coping skills, and establishing a strong support system of individuals who understand successful recovery.

REACT: Regulating Emotions through Activities and Connecting Together
A mixed gender group for 9-12 year olds: Build emotional regulation, develop coping skills, improve communication and expression, make and maintain healthy social connections. Group interventions will be experiential and activity-based.

A group for LGBTQ teens (16-19 years old) to explore their gender and sexual identities, build self-esteem, develop strategies for coping with adversity, and find support from peers with similar experiences.

JSI Group
Juvenile Sexual Issues Group; A group for adolescent males age 12-17 who have had problematic and/or inappropriate sexual behavior.

Women’s Healing Circle/Círculo de Sanación de la Mujer
An ongoing psychotherapy group for adult women with trauma, anxiety, and/or depression to process trauma, strengthen self-care strategies, and work towards healing. Offered in English and Spanish in our Worcester location.

Un grupo psicoterapéutico para ayudar a mujeres con trauma, ansiedad y / o depresión para aprender habilidades de afrontamiento.

PUNCH (Peers Uncovering New Coping Habits)
A mixed gender group for middle and high school aged youth (in three separate age groups) who have anger management challenges and want to learn positive coping strategies.

Fostering Roots
A mixed gender psychotherapy group for youth (ages 13-17) who have experienced family disruptions, to help foster and strengthen attachment with others in their lives.

Parenting: Love More, Fix Less
For parents/caregivers of children under age 18; building strong connections while setting healthy limits with your children.

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