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The Family Stabilization Services (FSS) team is dedicated to helping families to confront crisis situations, and develop the coping skills they need to maintain a safe, healthy family unit. The FSS program operates within the framework of Family Networks, an integrated system of purchasing services that connects children and families being served by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) with vital behavioral health care.

Population Served

  • Youth and their families involved with DCF
  • All ages including adults
  • Youth and families in need of high level clinical care. This includes but is not limited to, clinical interventions, care coordination, family therapy, parenting skills training, and helping the family access resources in their community.  

Overview of Services

Family Support and Stabilization (FSS) is a family- focused therapeutic intervention that takes place in a child’s home or other natural environment to improve the capacity of the family to better meet the needs of his or her family and community. FSS is staffed with a team approach and includes a master’s level clinician alongside a trained paraprofessional who serves as a partner to both the clinician and family. The FSS service typically lasts for 1-3 months.   

Referral Information     

The DCF caseworker assigned to a family consults with the contracted Family Networks team in their area regarding the family’s need for Family Stabilization Services. These referrals are sent to the identified YOU Inc. program directly from the Family Networks Lead.

Additional Information