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Seven Hills Foundation

Supporting individuals with the acquisition, retention, or improvement of self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills.

Seven Hills NeuroCare offers Day Services programming at its accessible community-based site located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The program site is conveniently located near public transportation and within easy walking distance to other community resources.

An experienced team of professionals works with each person served to develop an individualized service plan through a Person-Centered process that identifies personal strengthens, interests, areas of growth, and life goals and prioritizes these goals.

Services typically include assistance with learning activities of daily living and functional skills; language and communication training; compensatory, cognitive, and other strategies; interpersonal skills, prevocational skills; and recreational and socialization skills. Services promote wellness, individual choice, independence, empowerment, and encourages self-advocacy.

Requests for services can be made through the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Moving Forward Plan (MFP) Waiver.