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What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one session with a trained Conflict Coach who assists you in navigating a conflict you may be having with another person, a group, or a business.

A Conflict Coach helps you gain perspective from all angles providing a safe space for you to explore potential outcomes. Perspective mapping allows you to discover what your role in the conflict is, what the other person or entity’s role is in the conflict, and what a good resolution to the conflict may look like.

How Does Conflict Coaching Work?

First, we conduct an intake to learn how Conflict Coaching might help you with your dispute. If Conflict Coaching is a good fit, we proceed scheduling a session.

You can expect the first session to be two-hours allowing your Conflict Coach time to walk with you through your conflict issues.

Your Conflict Coach will ask questions about the conflict you are experiencing. They may use tools such as a conflict styles quiz to help you learn what your natural baseline is when responding to a conflict.

Other tools and/or techniques might also be used with the goal of you learning about yourself and new ways to approach conflict. Understanding oneself creates space and opportunity to begin exploring perspective taking of the other side.

Future sessions might include role-playing or practicing having tough conversations with the other party or parties in your conflict; getting clarity on what a good outcome would be for you; and identifying your goals for the relationship(s).

What Types of Situations Use Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching is fluid and works for many types of conflicts such as: family issues, divorce, co-parenting, workplace, interpersonal, and others.

What Does Conflict Coaching Cost?

Free for Court-connected cases.
We use this Sliding Fee Scale to determine hourly rate for clients.