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Introducing some of the children/teens awaiting adoption

The children below are in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, have a goal of adoption, and are waiting to become part of a loving family. Contact us at Children's Friend to learn more.

Selena-webMeet Selena

Selena (DOB 09/18/2005) is an outgoing 16-year-old girl of Hispanic descent. She speaks English and Spanish fluently. Selena enjoys being the center of attention and likes being in the company of others. She loves to dress up, have her nails colored and hair styled. She can be funny, kind, and helpful and also can present herself as bold and strong. Selena enjoys watching movies. She likes to teach the younger children at church. She likes to draw, do arts and crafts, and play the piano.

Selena does well in her arts and theater class. She is funny, smart, and creative. She can be hyper-vigilant in the classroom and bossy around peers. Selena is enrolled in 10th grade and does not have an IEP.

Selena would do best with a single mom or two-parent family. Selena is a bright and positive girl who is able to follow the rules in the home and the community. She is curious about the process of permanency and wants her own family.

Selena is legally freed for adoption.

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Aiden-webIntroducing Aiden

Aiden (DOB 11/01/2010) is a pleasant, inquisitive, and friendly 10-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. He is enrolled in 5th grade and has special education services in place for social, emotional, and academic support. At times he can display attention-seeking behaviors but can be redirected. He is healthy, doing well, and physically active. Aiden is an outdoorsy child. He likes to collect Pokémon cards, ride his bicycle and scooter, and play basketball. Aiden also loves cats and dogs.

Aiden would do well in a two-parent or single-parent household with children close to his age or older. A family that has a strong understanding of children with a trauma history and the behaviors that follow is needed for Aiden. He is a loving little boy who would do best in a structured and nurturing family. A family that loves the outdoors, playing sports, and spending time together would be ideal.

Aiden has so much to bring to a family that can offer him the stability, love, and attention that he needs. He is legally freed for adoption. Aiden visits with his biological mother twice a year per an Open Adoption Agreement. Aiden has an older sister that he needs to keep in contact with.

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