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Introducing some of the children/teens awaiting adoption

The children below are in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, have a goal of adoption, and are waiting to become part of a loving family. Contact us at Children's Friend to learn more.

Jeremiah2Meet Jeremiah (Jerry)

Jerry is a fun-loving, African American, 6-year-old, boy. He is friendly, chatty and lovable. He enjoys trying new experiences, and loves being in school with his friends! His favorite color is green and he’s good at math. Jerry loves to eat and is working with a weight clinic and behavioral therapist to encourage healthy eating behaviors. He likes to play outside, but also on his tablet. He is in preschool and has an IEP for speech and receives therapy once a week. Jerry has a brother and two sisters and is legally freed with an open adoption agreement. We are recruiting for Jeremiah only, as his siblings are already in pre-adoptive homes, but expect his family to maintain regular contact with his siblings post-adoption.

Jerry was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Paralysis as an infant and had a tracheostomy (trach) placed in 2016. He has nursing support daily. He had surgery to open his airway and can breathe on his own while awake. We are awaiting a sleep study to see if the trach can be removed. The family would need to be comfortable with trach care, and the potential of trach removal in the future.

Jerry is legally freed for adoption.

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JoshuaIntroducing Joshua

Joshua is an active 11-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. He is friendly, inquisitive, and outgoing. He is an outdoorsy child. He likes to ride his bicycle, play basketball and football, do puzzles, and read. He likes music and has taken guitar lessons. Joshua's favorite foods are pizza and chicken nuggets.

Joshua is enrolled in 5th grade and has an IEP for social, emotional, and academic support. Joshua has made great strides academically. He gets along well with his peers and teachers.

Joshua would do well with a two-parent household with children close to his age or older than him. A family that likes sports, is outgoing, structured, and with a strong understanding of children with trauma history and educational needs.

Joshua is legally freed for adoption. There is an Open Adoption Agreement for three visits per year with his birth parents. Joshua has a younger sister that resides out of state and they maintain contact via phone and video calls. 

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