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Seven Hills Family Services

An Affiliate of Seven Hills Foundation

Partnering with Families and Communities to Build Dignified and Meaningful Lives

Seven Hills Family Services (SHFS) is committed to working hand in hand with individuals with disabilities and their families and caregivers to support each person in choosing their life’s path, and helping them on that journey.

CARF Accredited

Through a wide array of supports and services, Seven Hills Family Services provides individualized options that help each person succeed. Community First and Employment First are two Federal and State Initiatives that focus on the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in their respective communities. Seven Hills has been on the forefront of this support for over 60 years. Seven Hills Family Services is accredited and certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), the international organization that provides accreditation to recognize and promote quality service standards of excellence in human services, and has received a three-year award for excellence.

At Seven Hills, we are empowering individuals with disabilities to live more fulfilling lives by becoming members of their respective communities through individualized supports and services.

Seven Hills is the go-to source for information if you are supporting a family member with a disability. Three Family Support Centers provide information and referral services to a vast array of resources and activities geared toward helping people lead full lives in their communities.

Leslie Courtney, M.S.
Vice President
P: 508.796.1866
E: lcourtney@sevenhills.org
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