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Clinical & Behavioral Health

Evidence-Based, Integrated Care for Children and Families

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Seven Hills believes in a whole-child approach to helping children as they develop and grow. Through an array of services that address both physical and mental health, our highly-qualified team of doctors, nurses, and therapists ensures that our specialized care is integrated and coordinated with families, schools, and practitioners.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

    Applied Behavior Analysis

    ABA is highly effective in helping children with autism spectrum disorder achieve their goals

  • HBTS in Rhode Island

    HBTS in Rhode Island

    Intensive supports for families supporting children with disabilities at home

  • Mental Health Counseling - Rhode Island

    Mental Health Counseling - Rhode Island

    Providing individualized counseling and psychiatric care in Rhode Island

  • PASS in Rhode Island

    PASS in Rhode Island

    Supporting families as they care for their children with special health care needs

  • Seven Hills Dental Facilities

    Seven Hills Dental Facilities

    Comprehensive dental services specializing in patients with disabilities

  • Seven Hills Pediatric Center

    Seven Hills Pediatric Center

    Care options for children with complex medical needs are delivered through person-centered supports.


"Without the counselor at the Seven HIlls Behavioral Health Clinic, my son would not be able to cope with the stress of school and his disability. Our therapist has helped him learn to believe in himself and succeed in and out of school." - Jason

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